Privacy policy

This is the reg­u­latory privacy policy defined by EU General Data Pro­tection Reg­u­lation (GDPR).


Name of the register

Exceo Oy cus­tomer registry


Data con­troller

Exceo Oy, Company ID: FI29954756


Person responsible for the registry

Mika Parikka


Purpose of the registry

The purpose of the pro­cessing of per­sonal data is the man­agement of client relations.

The inform­ation col­lected can be used to fol­lowing purposes:

  • Cus­tomer rela­tionship management


Regular data sources

We mainly obtain per­sonal inform­ation about users from users them­selves. Inform­ation may also be obtained from public regis­tries and common partners.


Data content of the register

Registry con­tains data col­lected from the data sub­jects themselves.

The registry can contain fol­lowing information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Other inform­ation provided by the data subject


Regular disclosure of data

We may dis­close (with per­mission from the client) per­sonal data to client’s and Exceo Oy’s trusted partners to ensure

  • the delivery of products and services.
  • invoicing (billing and payment service providers).

Inform­ation is not dis­closed to other third parties inside or outside of EU, except to the author­ities to the extent per­mitted and bound by existing legislation.


Prin­ciples of registry protection

Physical copies

Data is not stored in physical form, excluding data required for fin­ancial or accounting pur­poses. The access to this material is restricted to named Exceo Oy’s and accounting service pro­vider, who are covered by con­fid­en­ti­ality agreement. 

Data stored in elec­tronic format

Data is trans­ferred over SSL pro­tected connection.

Systems are secured by a firewall. Only named Exceo Oy’s per­sonnel have access to the registry and are iden­tified by indi­vidual user accounts and pass­words. All inform­ation is handled as con­fid­ential and is dis­closed con­fid­en­tially to per­sonnel on a need-to-know basis only.


The rights of data subjects

The data subject has the right to inspect what data con­cerning them has been recorded in the per­sonal data register and to receive a copy of the data. The data subject must send a written inspection request to the person responsible for the registry.

This right is free of cost, if exer­cised only once a year.


Retention period

Per­sonal data shall be retained for as long as it is necessary to retain it in order to meet the purpose for which it has been col­lected in accordance with this privacy policy.



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