People-centric software business and technology management

Are you looking for a trusted advisor to navigate the sea of digitalization?

If you are strug­gling with the fol­lowing chal­lenges, we are ready to help you with our extensive exper­ience on the fol­lowing topics:

Operations and Change Management

We are ready to help your team in finding a new dir­ection in a situ­ation, where your company has scaled up and pro­jects have grown to programs.

We also help you when your business is on cross­roads and you are facing business model change from pro­jects to services. 

We might be able to help you when you are just starting oper­a­tions in Finland.

Strategy and Board Work

We have taken com­panies through digit­al­iz­ation and become spe­cialist on our field, so we are able to clarify your path to digitalization.

We will help you to distill the essen­tials from the devel­opment plans and roadmaps to max­imize the value to your customers.

Please turn to us, if your board work needs new ideas and organization.

Technology management and Financing

We have over 20 years of exper­ience on leading cutting edge software and inform­ation technology.

We will help you to gain fin­ancing for product or service development.

Our exper­ience on tech­nology man­agement and com­mer­cial­iz­ation will help you to build a product on top of the core technology.

Our Approach and Values

Giving us even an small assignment will help you to reach your objectives, but our cap­ab­il­ities can help you to manage also large pro­grams. With external con­sultant your company is able to get exactly what is needed. Having an external con­sultant is always a good way to start, when long-term com­mitment is not an option.

We nat­urally combine both theory and practice - in a pro­fes­sional manner. We’ve been in trenches already several occa­sions, so we are able to go there and back with calmness and clarity. We also believe that new cap­ab­il­ities are built with long term com­mitment and resilience.

Deep down we believe in respecting the indi­vidual, building trust and working with your team. We will base our work on the assessment of your needs and real cap­ab­il­ities. We will work with you until we overcome the challenges. 

Our Competencies and Capabilities


  • Pay­ments
  • Online ser­vices
  • Public organ­isa­tions
  • Retail
  • Indus­trial manufacturing
  • Telecom oper­ators
  • Inter­na­tional operations
  • Leading remote teams
  • Program man­agement
  • Rapid growth


  • User cent­ricity and exper­ience (UX)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Online: mobile/​hybrid/​web 
  • Lan­guage and trans­lation technology
  • Business to business (B2B)
  • Con­sumer apps
  • Iter­ative methods; Scrum ja Agile

Exceo Oy was founded in 2019 by Mika Parikka after two decades in leading, growing and gov­erning software-based oper­a­tions and companies.

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